Friday, 18 October 2013

Child room

I was sorting our (digital) photos the other day and found some of our house as we made it our own. So, I thought, I would share some of those changes, starting with our son's room.

I had mentioned the changes we made to our spare room on my previous blog, in preparation for our son's arrival. Because he was going to be in our room initially and I knew we would have family visiting after he was born, we left it as a guest room, but decorated it ready to move his cot in there when we were ready. When the time came, we removed the double bed and the bedside tables and put in the cot and a futon, which meant we re-arranged the layout of the furniture.

Then, when I was pregnant with my daughter, we bought a toddler bed and a slim chest of drawers to replace the cot and wardrobe. We found we didn't really use the wardrobe other than to store bed linen and towels, and because the toddler bed took up more space than the cot we thought a slim line chest of drawers (as well as the existing chest of drawers and some extra under bed storage) would be enough.

Unfortunately, I didn't take photos of when we had the cot in there, but it's similar to what it looks like now, only it had a white cot and wardrobe along the wall with the sticker.

Here's the view from other angles:

All the furniture is from Ikea (I love that shop!) and so is the fabric used for the curtains, cushion covers, drawer lining, tissue box cover and lamp cover (this last one is Work In Progress!). The plan was to make a pillow case and duvet cover using the same fabric as the curtains too, but I just never got around to it and instead we're using what would have been the extra set (animal print, from Amazon). The tree sticker is from Decowall.

So, here's how it changed (please excuse the quality of the first 2 photos - the quality of the cameras improved with the changes in the room!)

I like that is light, airy, neutral and simple. It's easy to keep tidy and clean. The only thing I would do differently is have a darker carpet. I love the current colour, but it's probably not the best choice for a child's room as any dirt/stain is immediately obvious. We keep some toys and books in his room (in the black bucket), but he spends most of his time downstairs, so that's where we keep most of his toys.

This room was also where our daughter was going to move into (futon replaced by cot and maybe a chair - for feeding and cuddling) and share with her brother for a while, hence the neutral design. Now, hopefully they won't have to share at all, if we move house soon!

I already have draft posts for other bits and pieces we did around the house which I will be finishing soon. I look forward to continue to walk down memory lane...

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