Monday, 7 October 2013

In search of a new nest

Almost 7 years ago my (now) husband and I took the plunge and decided to buy our first home together. This was not long after finishing university and getting "real" jobs, so we could only afford a modest 1 reception and 2 bedroom home, which was more than enough for a young couple. Since then, we have adopted a cat, got married and had 2 children. We knew we'd eventually need a bigger home, but because the current one had been adequate even when we had our first, we thought it would be alright for the first few years with a second. How wrong we were! The house feels so much smaller now! I forgot how much space baby's things take, not to mention the space a very energetic toddler requires! We definitely need more space. So we're hoping to move to a house with at least 2 reception rooms and 3 bedrooms. It probably won't be the "forever" home, of the ideal size, in the ideal location yet, but hopefully in a better location (in terms of easier access to transport links and main routes for commuting and taking into account the sorrounding schools too) and with more space than we currently have.

So, our house is now on the market and we're hoping we'll soon sell and find somewhere too call home again. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, we'll be organising our current home in an attempt to simplify our busy lives, as well as, slowly preparing for the move - decluttering galore ahead!

As I have the two little ones, I'll have to go through this process in small "bursts" - tasks that I can do in short periods of time, so that I can finish them and not have to abandon them half way through, when I'm needed elsewhere. So, I'll split the bigger areas to sort (like the loft - yikes!) into smaller sections/tasks, to avoid stress and make it less daunting.

I think I'll start with sorting out our clothes (actually already started!), so will be posting about that soon!

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