Saturday, 26 October 2013

New nest?

We are very excited! We have accepted an offer on our house and found another we like very much and made an offer on it too, which has been accepted!

We shouldn't really get too excited, as with buying/selling property nothing is guaranteed until you have that set of keys in your hand,  but we can't help it!

The "new" house has close to double the internal space we currently have and has potential for even more rooms. The exterior space is smaller and more low maintenance compared to our current garden, which is great. It is in a good location in terms of schools, public transport and access to amenities. It's just right for us. Oh, and it has lots of storage spaces for me to get organising!

I won't say more now and until we know for sure we're moving there. Let's hope the whole process goes smoothly, so I can start planning properly! All fingers and toes crossed!!!

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