Sunday, 13 October 2013

Organising clothes

I had already started to sort our clothes when I was pregnant with baby number two, simply because we needed the space for her cute newborn clothes. I went through all off my son's clothes (I mean ALL - even the ones that had been thrown into that big black whole a.k.a. The Loft!) and separated the boy's things from the neutral things (we didn't know what we were having during the first pregnancy - not by choice, he was shy!). Then I gave all of the boys things (second time around we knew we were having a girl) to friends who had younger boys.

I was given some girl's clothes, so I sorted those and the neutral things by age, then washed, dried and stored all the up to 6 months in her chest of drawers. The rest I put back in the loft. As she grows, the clothes that no longer fit go back up to the loft, into a separate bag to give to friends/charity shops at some point and the next size ones will come down.

My son's clothes receive similar treatment, in that I only keep the clothes that fit currently and anything else is stored away for later or to donate (or thrown away).

Of course, I also take into account the changing seasons, so anything that doesn't apply to the current season is put away.

Actually, the seasonal change, as well as wanting to declutter, is what prompted me to sort through my clothes recently. That and the fact that I realised I spend an awful amount of time in the morning trying to decide what to wear, only to end up wearing the same few outfits. So, I've decided to be ruthless! Anything I hadn't worn in a while and that I'm not likely to wear again was to go! From what was left, anything that needed washing got washed. Any jumpers and other items that needed freshening were ventilated with the appropriate cycle in the tumble dryer.
Then all the items that required hanging were hung on individual hangers for better visibility.

Everything else got folded, separated into piles that made more sense (vests, short sleeves, long sleeves, lighter jumpers, heavier jumpers, leggings and tights) and put away in the drawers.

I quickly sorted through my footwear too (also got rid of a few pairs - I now have only the 4 pairs of shoes/boots for winter you see in the photo above!) and since I had streamlined my underwear, socks and accessories before, this whole process didn't take very long. It also helped to turn my wardrobe into a more efficient capsule wardrobe, with less random things and more mix-and-match pieces (whether these were unearthed from somewhere at the back of my wardrobe or bought to complete a few outfits).

I could have "pretty-fied" a bit more (nice matching hangers, drawer/shelf  liners/dividers, etc), but the objective at this point was to clear out and simplify day to day life. I think I'll save all the fun bits for the new home!

As I love Before and After photos, here they are:


My now decluttered wadrobe (and drawers) definitely makes life a lot easier. And I actually look forward to choosing what to wear in the morning, since I have fewer things to choose from and it's all easily accessible. Yay!

Note: the clothes above the rail which holds mine on the photos above are my husband's which will soon be sorted too.

Note 2: the shoes are not all mine either!

Note 3: I've only gone through the Autumn/Winter clothes and footwear. When the time comes to bring out all Spring/Summer things, I'll do the same (unless we move house first, that is - I do not wish to take anything we will not use to the new house, if I can avoid it!)

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