Thursday, 3 October 2013

Welcome to my nest!

Welcome to my (new) blog!

I say "new" because I had used to write a blog, but stopped for a few reasons:

  - It didn't have a clear direction - started off being about my experience of wearing orthodontic braces as an adult, floated through all things about my life and even had posts about my first pregnancy as well as crafts/organising/home life.

- I had my first child and became a bit overwhelmed with everything that comes with having a baby, trying to keep up with everything I did before I had my son (I'm now on my second child and, believe me, I'm more realistic about what can be achieved with minimal stress when you have little ones) and not having the time for it all.

- I didn't really have the motivation to keep going for the two reasons above

I've always had a fascination for all things organising and making better use of space and time. I love reading other blogs about these sorts of things as well as about decorating and DIYing. Then, I got the itch to write my own blog again, this time more centered around these subjects, in particular as we are hoping to move to a new nest at some point in the near future (more about this on another post).

So, here we are! I'm very excited about this blog and all the changes ahead. I already have so many ideas for posts and I can't wait to write the next one!

P.S. Please bare with me while I update and "prettify" Busy B's Nest - can't quite decide what it should look like...

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