Thursday, 21 November 2013

Organising for The Move Part I

I have started to sort our loft, in preparation for The Move (whenever that may be). I wanted to have an idea of how much there was to sort through and though it would take us weeks to go through everything we have up there. Turns out it wasn't that bad... It helped that we had cleared out a lot of junk from there before the kiddies came along.

So, one Saturday morning I got hubby to look after the little bees, while I tackled it. We were going to have lunch with friends that day, so I knew I had about an hour up there, which was fine as it was only meant to be assessing how much there was to do. As I got up there, I saw The Massive Pile of Empty Boxes (for things that were under guarantee initially then were forgotten). And, looking around at the rest of the loft I realised I needed some space to start separating things. So before I even attempted to sort through our things I decided I needed to clear out some boxes and other rubbish first. I kept the bigger boxes for the move, but took all the plastic bags, inserts, etc from those boxes, which were put in the middle of the loft.

By the end of that hour I had piles of rubbish and recycling to take to the recycling centre (which I did straight away - wouldn't have been able to relax knowing there was all that rubbish sitting somewhere waiting to be taken away!), but had an empty corner of floor space to get started.

It felt great to get this done, but it was also a bit daunting to think how much time it would take to sort through everything, if it'd taken me over an hour to just sort through the boxes! Well, at least I had started it...

Then the next day, hubby took our son out for a couple of hours and our girl fell asleep, so I thought I'd spend a little time up in the loft again. Before, I knew it it'd been 1h30 and bubba was just waking up (she doesn't normally sleep for this long during the day - I'm lucky if I get 30 minutes!) and I had pretty much finished separating all items into different sections:

- Stuff to stay (paints, tiles and other decorating materials related to this house):

 - Stuff to take with us:

 - Stuff to go (to sell, donate or throw away):

Great! So it wasn't that bad after all!

I thought of hosting a moving sale (of the To-Go pile) in the garden, as I thought it would save me a few trips to the recycling centre and charity shops. Then I changed my mind for various reasons: a) it doesn't seem to be a "normal" thing to do in this part of the world (car boot sales are, but with the kids it wouldn't be practical for us); b) it would be difficult to plan around the Great British Weather; c) actually, fitting the trips to recycling centre and charity shops, and the time to sell bits online around our lives would work better and we wouldn't have to spend a whole day in the garden, at the risk of not selling very much and having to donate/sell/throw away anyway.

So, the next thing to do is to sort the To-Go pile... I've started by donating all the unwanted baby equipment to the local Children's Centre and have the bits for the recycling centre ready to go, when I have the time. Then, it'll be the charity shop run with some furniture, etc and finally the things to sell.

In the meantime, I have cleared out some space in a little cupboard under the stairs to store the first few packed boxes. These contain photo frames and other decorative items like candles, etc.

I'm also continuing to sort through cupboards, drawers and shelves around the house whenever I get a few minutes, applying the same donate/sell/throw away system.

Right, I think this is probably enough for one post, but there will certainly be more posts on this subject as we continue to make progress. We're slowly, but surely, getting there!

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