Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tray cupboard

It's been a very busy couple of weeks at home and with paperwork, phonecalls, etc related to the house move, which means I'm still working on that very long Loft post.

But, here's a quick kitchen cupboard organisation post...

You know the little cupboard under the oven that you forget exists until you need a tray... then you have to dive in there and take everything out because the tray you want is right at the bottom of the pile? That's been my life in the last 7 years! Ok, turning down the "drama factor", it' was not a very practical cupboard... So, with the help of this pot lid organiser and a bit of reorganising, it's a lot better. I can easily pick a tray when I need one and the round oven dishes are in the pots cupboard where there was a bit of space meaning I can pick these up easily too.

Another long-term solution would have been to get a couple of shelves in there and have the trays separated on to those shelves, but at this point I wanted a solution I could take with me when I move.

Another cupboard sorted!

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