Thursday, 5 December 2013

"New" doors

Things are getting very, very busy in our household leading up to Christmas and The Move (which, if everything goes as planned, should happen early in the New Year). In addition to organising for the move, there are Christmas presents to buy (mostly done, actually) and wrap, little crafts for my son's nursery Christmas fair and preparing to visit family over the festive period. I will be posting about some of the above items although it might be sporadically until we have moved and are somewhat settled. As much as I'm excited about everything that's happening, I'm finding it hard to juggle it all with life with the two little bees. I can't wait for it all to be done, and us moved in (fingers crossed!) and everything (and everyone) back into normality. I'm definitely a sucker for routine! Ironically, I find it easier to be spontaneous and cope with "new" events in life, when I have some sort of routine. Anyway, I digress...

Today's post is about a little project I mentioned on this post and tackled not too long ago - painting doors and installing new door furniture. I'm not a fan of natural (or stained) wooden doors, preferring the white "clean" look to them. So I always planned to have all the doors in the house painted white at some point. In particular downstairs as the doors were of different colours, styles and sizes:

P.S. The photos above were the only ones I found - taken before we moved into this house! - so the quality and detail are not great, but should give you an idea of what it was like before.

I wanted the doors to look as uniform as possible and also I wanted to change the door furniture (and light fixtures and anything of the colour gold) to silver instead - generally, I'm not a fan of gold either.

So, I took a week of work and planned to get these done. I removed the old handles, locks and hinges, filled holes, sanded, painted (3 to 4 coats each) and fitted new handles, locks and hinges to all 4 doors. I even "freshened" up the door frames and radiators - everything seemed slightly yellow against the now very white doors! It was a long process, but definitely worth it!

Oh, just one job I had to do afterwards that I didn't enjoy very much: cleaning the paint of the glass panes on two of the doors! I thought I'd save time, by not putting masking tape on the glass panes and that it would be easy to remove the excess paint once dry. But, it was not! Even with the help of my steam cleaner - which I found was the best method to remove the paint - it took me A.Very.Long.Time!

I was much happier with the results though - here are the before and afters:

On the photos above is one of the living room doors...

... and these ones are the doors to the downstairs cloakroom, utility room and other living room door (from left to right). If you are wondering about the "mouse" hole on the utility room door, no, there isn't a giant mouse in our house. We used to keep our cat littler tray in there before it became officially the utility room and although she no longer needs a litter tray, she still likes to hide in there (mainly from the kids!) occasionally, so we left it there for her.

In the time we have lived here we also installed new doors (3 of them) and door furniture upstairs, just never got around to painting them. Maybe the new owners will want to take that on as a project...

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