Thursday, 27 March 2014

New nest tour - upstairs

Finally, I've organised myself enough to give you a tour of the upstairs. But, before I do, I want to quickly show you the downstairs cloakroom I neglected to include in the downstairs tour post :

Now, on the the tour of the upstairs... This is what our old house was like upstairs:

We had 2 good sized bedrooms and a great bathroom, with separate shower cubicle - we were spoilt, I know!

Now, we have this:

We have 3 good sized rooms, one box room and an ok size bathroom. And we have lots of storage (which I'm very excited about!)! We also have a considerable loft (I think we could fit a good double bedroom with en-suite and still have plenty of storage up there, if we were to convert it).

This is the upstairs landing:

Our bedroom:

The box room is quite small, but because it's next door to our bedroom works really well as the nursery:

Are you loving all the creamy magnolia all over the walls and woodwork? Yep, me neither! And there's more...

Our son's room:

What is now the office (but will one day be our daughter's room, when she's outgrown the current nursery):

The bathroom:

So, there you have it! All of these rooms are going to receive some TLC (or a LOT of TLC, in the case of the bathroom and cloakroom, seen as we plan to completely gut these and start again!) and I can't wait to share the detailed updates as we work through these projects!

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