Friday, 30 May 2014

Re-thinking organising

I love organising spaces. Give me a cupboard, a room, any space and I immerse myself in the many ways of maximising that space whilst making it more practical and easier on the eye too. I might get it right first time or I might have to re-visit and change a few times. But, that's what I love doing and feel I'm reasonably good at (if I say so myself!).

What I'm not good at - and ends up ruining things on the organising spaces front - is time management, sticking to a medium/long term schedule and keeping my cool (i.e. not becoming overwhelmed) when there is a gigantic To-Do list (or many gigantic To-Do lists!) to get through. The other thing is I can get so anxious to get everything done yesterday and then I start to loose focus on the priorities. So, this is where I'm at right now. 

My goal when we bought our current home was to do as much of the decorating/renovating as I was able to do myself and save our pennies so that the bigger and specialised jobs are done by the professionals. Also, I quite enjoy DIY, so I hoped I would be able to do it around the kids, house chores, etc. And indeed, I have achieved a reasonable amount of work in a relatively short space of time, like the living room, part of one of the bedrooms and the hallway, and a few other smaller projects, which are in the post pipeline. BUT! This came at a cost: I ended up stressing about everything that I wasn't able to do because I was DIYing. Well, duh! How I failed to see that this would happen is beyond me! 

The reality is that I can't do it all (at least, not as quickly as I would like ;) ). So, I think it's ok to stop and re-group, right? What I need to do is re-prioritise and organise myself in a way that is easy for me to keep on track and not loose focus, whilst keeping myself from stressing. And I need help. I need to think of which jobs/tasks I can really do myself and which are worth paying for. I mean as much as I can do the decorating, for example, and it would save us some dough to DIY it, is it really worth the stress? And, as much as I make sure I spend the time with my family, when they're not at work/nursery, I'm find myself not "being" with them, but thinking about what I have to do and end up not having quality time with them. Is it really worth it? No, is the answer. 

So, the only plan I have at the moment is to take some time out from actually doing any of it (I must resist the temptation!) and use the time I have to myself in the coming days and weeks to organise my thoughts, re-prioritise, make (short, medium and long term) lists, get quotations for some of the jobs and sort out finances, in order for us to make more realistic plans. I also need to work on my ability to stick to plans... :P. 

Wish me luck!

P.S. I have a few unfinished blog posts, which I should be able to finally finish and publish soon, so watch this space!

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